Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Dropping the CO in UK

Nominet (the guys that oversee UK domain names) will introduce domain names directly at the second level making it possible to register domain names such as namelynx.uk.

Well, what happens if one person has registered namelynx.co.uk and another namelynx.org.uk - who gets namelynx.uk?

The shorter domain name (namelynx.uk) will be allocated to the co.uk owner. The owner will have five years to decide whether they want to use the shorter domain name.

According to Nominet "The move brings the UK in line with other large country-code registries, like Germany’s .de or France’s .fr.  A recent Nominet survey of UK business decision makers found that 72% thought direct ‘example.uk’ registrations should be an option, while only 2% thought they shouldn’t."

The allocation process chosen by Nominet will, no doubt, increase the value of co.uk domain name as those seeking a .UK registration allocation try to buy the corresponding co.uk before launch.

We will keep you updated as the allocation process unfolds. In the meantime, get your co.uk!!!

Register your co.uk domain name for £5.20 or $8.80.

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