Sunday, 14 September 2014

28 New Domain Extensions Now Available at Namelynx!

28 New Domain Extensions Now Available at Namelynx!

The Namelynx Team has been working to bring you more access to more domain name extensions than ever before!

Since 21 August Namelynx has added 28 new domain name extensions and we’re planning even more in the coming weeks!
.中文网,  Chinese script for "network"
.在线,  Chinese script for "online"
.中国, Chinese script for "China"
.agency, for professional agencies
.audio, for audiophiles, music producers and engineers
.bar, for bar owners of all kinds
.bio, for bio graphical websites, also for biology-focused websites
.black, a generic "color" extension
.cn, the domain name registry for China
.cologne, for the city of Cologne, Germany
.expert, for showing off your "expertise"
.global, the extension for a "borderless strategy"
.hamburg, for the city of Hamburg, Germany
.hiv, the first extension designed solely for a social cause
.hiphop, for hip-hop artists, fans and aficionados
.ink, show off your art, tattoos, publications, and more
.juegos, Spanish for "games"
.kaufen, German for "purchase"
.koeln, for the city of Cologne, Germany
.link, connecting information when you seek it
.moda, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish & Polish for "fashion"
.reise, German for "travel"
.social, for when you want to be out there
.wang, Mandarin for "web"
.wien, for the capital city of Vienna, Austria

Each extension above has a link to our site where you can get more information, check out prices, and, our favorite, register some domain names!
And now we want to know what you want! Is there a new domain name extension you want us to carry? Don’t worry – We’re working on it! In the meantime, let us know what you want moved to the TOP OF THE LIST and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Don’t know what’s already out there? Don’t know what’s coming soon? Don’t worry about that either! Just email and we’ll be glad to assist!

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