Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dolly Parton Signs On As .COUNTRY Pioneer

Country Music Fact of the Day...

“The Land of Enchantment” by songwriter and country music star Michael Martin Murphey was named New Mexico’s “official state ballad” in 1989.

At Namelynx, we must admit - we were NOT country when country when country wasn't cool, but we do appreciate a well targeted domain name extension. And so does Dolly!

Some domain name extensions call them “founders”, others called them “pioneers". For .COUNTRY, it’s "pioneers" and they've signed up country music legend Dolly Parton as their Pioneer Program. General Availability commenced on 15 September for the extension with the goal of being the home of country music.

Dolly Parton, the country music legend who performed at the Glastonbury music festival this year to a whole new audience has queenof.country, dolly.country, and dollyparton.country to her name and has agreed to be part of the .Country Pioneer Program, which provides domain names to musicians, businesses, and organizations.

Check out namelynx.com/deals/country to join the .COUNTRY movement!

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