Thursday, 23 June 2016

5 Reasons To Go .GLOBAL


During the months of July and August 2016, Namelynx is offering .GLOBAL domains at a special price and we want to encourage you to take advantage of this offer not only because it is a bargain deal, but also because the .GLOBAL domain extension symbolizes a belief in borderless markets, innovation, quality and that great ideas deserve worldwide recognition.

If you haven’t grabbed your own piece of .GLOBAL online real estate yet, consider this:
  • .GLOBAL is a universal and generic TLD, suitable not only for physically global businesses, but also for small businesses and organizations that wish to enhance their appeal and attract a global customer base. A good example can be modern businesses (big or small, start-up or well-established) that operate primarily online, because as we all know, the internet allows anyone anywhere to be a global player. Launch your dreams and plans in a modern way and into a worldwide community, using a .GLOBAL domain name.
  • .GLOBAL is a quality TLD with a slightly higher price compared to other close-to-giveaway-domains. The price point makes the extension a quality indicator and ensures less abusive registrations, i.e. less risk that your domain is suspected of immoral activities due to the behavior of others in the rest of the name space.
  • .GLOBAL is currently one of the top performers out of the new domain extensions in the same price range , as well as the 5th best-selling when it comes to premium domain names . In other words, generic words combined with .GLOBAL creates a highly valued keyword domain name that can be a good tool to drive global traffic to your idea or business. 
  • .GLOBAL can also work as a great strategic complement to geographic domain extensions and country-code domains when it comes to well-rounded domain name portfolio building . For instance, it can be used as a global umbrella site, from which the customer is easily navigated to the relevant local site or product.
During this promotion, you can get your .GLOBAL domain for only £8.80 / $14.95 / €13.20 / R220 for the first year registration.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Rightside Will Release Two Character Domains

Rightside Registry will be releasing two-character domain names within all of their TLDs. Two character domains have the benefit of being short, memorable and easy to enter on mobile devices. They make great branded content links for sharing online in order to increase engagement and brand power. As an example, UK-based Insurance company Liverpool Victoria uses as a redirect to their Facebook page. Some of the most popular Rightside extensions include .LIVE, .SOCIAL, .NEWS, .VIDEO, .ROCKS, and .SALES.

This release will be done in four phases. All Namelynx clients qualify for Phase 1 which is a priority phase giving you access to these premium domains prior to the general public.

Phase 1 - 13 June 2016 - Priority Access for Brand Registrars (Namelynx)
Phase 2 - 11 July 2016 - Other Registrar Presales
Phase 3 - 14 September 2016 - Early Access Phase (EAP)
Phase 4 - 21 September 2016 - General Availability (GA)

If you are interested in securing any two character domains, email